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Why Is the Guy from the Classic 720 Degrees Arcade Game Not Wearing Any Pants?

720 Degrees

Reddit user Jakobud once made an interesting observation concerning the arcade classic 720 Degrees. In the game’s title screen, the skateboarder character doesn’t seem to be wearing any pants.

Now, maybe I’m just being overly concerned about his safety here, but that seems to me like a really bad strategy for a skateboarder. I mean, the dude knows to wear elbow and knee pads, and possibly a helmet (though that could just be an amazing 80s hairdo), so he clearly takes the safety of his elbows and knees very seriously. But apparently he has an “everything goes” policy when it comes to his genitalia. Oof.

Of course, one commenter pointed out that he’s probably just wearing orange shorts, which is probably what they were going for, but the color is so close to his skin color that you can’t really tell. It doesn’t seem like it would have been difficult to make his shorts lime green or something. (Hey, lime green was all the rage back in 1988.)

In fact, when you look close, it seems like this skater dude’s naked bottom half carries over into actual gameplay too.

720 Degrees

Or maybe not. It’s hard to tell with the low bit count.

What do you think?

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