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Daily Archives: April 27, 2016

Bare-Knuckle Slobberknocker

Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 42] : Bare-Knuckle Slobberknocker

After some bad French and Shakespeare non-jokes, the gang talks about Julian and Josh’s birthday gifts. Both of those guys had birthdays in March, and they got matching 49″ TVs in celebration. So what video games were used to christen those new HD screens? Fallout 4, Zombi, Diablo III, Disgaea 5, and, of course, Star Wars Battlefront. We’re considering trying out some of the help for these games available in the future, such as the Gnarly Guides for Fallout 4 as one example. After the break, we take a look back at the console wars, starting with Big, Evil Nintendo vs. the world. When Sega entered the fray, they came in with guns blazing and aimed straight at Nintendo (Nintendon’t, as Sega called them).…