8 Bit Music Power Is the First Famicom Release in Over Twenty Years

Although the Famicom had an unusually long lifespan — Nintendo didn’t stop manufacturing units until 2003 — developers stopped producing games for the console decades ago. The final Famicom title, Takahashi’s Adventure Island IV, was released back in 1994.

But now, it looks like the Famicom will be making a comeback. A brand new title, 8 Bit Music Power, hits Japanese shelves on January 31, 2016.

8 bit music power

If you’ve been itching to play a new NES title, you shouldn’t get too excited. Even though 8 Bit Music Power is being released on a cartridge, it isn’t actually a game. It’s a collection of 12 original songs composed by Japanese chiptune artists. And, unless you own a Japanese console, you’ll need an adapter to get the cart to run.

With that said, 8 Bit Music Power is still worth a closer look. The company releasing the cartridge, Columbus Circle, has said that they may put out a NES version later on. They’ve also said that hope to release actual games for the Famicom in the future. Between this and the Dorke and Ymp release, it might be time to pull your old consoles out of the closet.

If you want to see more of 8 Bit Music Power — or bop your head to some rockin’ chiptunes — check out the video below:

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