A Copy of Stadium Events for NES Sold For $35,100 on eBay

Stadium Events Title Screen

In January of 2015, a complete, sealed-in-box copy of the über-rare Stadium Events cartridge for the NES was fast approaching $100k in an eBay bidding war. Now, I know what you might be thinking, “That is ridiculous!” Even for a game as rare as this one — it’s believed to have had only 2,000 copies printed in total, of which a mere 200 were made available to stores for sale — that still seems like an exorbitant amount of cash.

Stadium Events Box Art

And of course it was.

As is the case with eBay auctions like this one, there were some fraudulent bids tossed in with the real ones to muck things up. Even so, at the closing of the auction (on January 15, 2015), Stadium Events actually fetched a still-impressive $35,100, with other copies previously selling for as much as $44,000.

When ex-Nintendo employee, username Menaceone, realized what this puppy could be worth (originally selling for approximately $29.99), he dug out his sealed copy that he had obtained from his days with Nintendo and put it up for auction.

As a fan of retro video games, I can appreciate the desire to have a rare copy of a game, though spending $35k on anything that doesn’t have a V8 or multiple rooms just seems crazy to me.

Still, kudos to Menaceone for putting this into the hands of a very enthusiastic collector (and making bank while doing so).

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