Atelier Is the Batman of JRPGs

People like to say that Batman could beat anyone if he had enough time to prepare. With his determination, brilliance, and near-limitless resources, he’ll eventually find a way to conquer any foe. It doesn’t matter if they’re ridiculously overpowered or an omnipotent demigod. If they have a weakness, Batman will find it, and he’ll figure out how to exploit it.

If Batman was a JRPG series, I’m pretty sure he’d be Atelier.

atelier judy

Atelier is lacking in both vengeance and the night, but it’s like Batman in the ways that really count. Beyond its sweet anime exterior lies a game that’s all about being prepared. If you want to take on Atelier‘s biggest challenges and toughest bosses, you’ll need prep-time, and lots of it.

Most Atelier games require you to prepare for battle before you ever set foot on the world map. You’ll need to forge armor that can protect you from your enemies, and create weapons that will take advantage of their flaws. You don’t have incredible superpowers or monsters that’ll fight by your side. All you have are the things you’ve made.

atelier iris

Batman isn’t a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest, where you can grind your way to success. And Batman doesn’t have the social skills to be a Fire Emblem or a Persona game. No, Batman is an Atelier, a game that forces you to think about battles long before they’re fought.

Atelier may not be a series that Batman would actually play, but it is a series that understands what he’s all about.

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