Denny’s Atari Remix: Denny’s Reaches out to the Hungover Atari Demographic

Denny's Hashteroids

Denny’s has absolutely everything I look for in a hangover cafe.

They’re open 24 hours a day, they serve breakfast all day long, they have coffee, and they attract the sort of crowd that’s not going to judge a guy for being an alcoholic. Plus, there’s a Denny’s within walking distance of my house, so no one has to drunk drive to get there.

Denny’s recently released an app called Denny’s Atari Remix, which is three old-school Atari games remade as breakfast-themed iOS games.

There’s Centipup, which is a version of Centipede that requires you to shoot Pancake Puppies and other breakfast items with ketchup (even if ketchup would taste awful on Pancake Puppies). Hashteroids is Asteroids with hash browns and ketchup, and Take-out is Breakout with bacon, eggs, and pancakes.

It’s a free download for Apple iOS and Android, so you can play it without having to wallow in the post-drinking-binge sorrow that defines every Denny’s visit.

Sure, it’s not the awesome Mario Kart 8 McDonald’s toys or anything, but at least Denny’s recognizes that if you’re going to suffer through one of their legendary Grand Slams, you deserve to be rewarded with something video gamey.

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