Half-Glass Gaming [Episode 37] : I’ve Read the Back of Ringworld Several Times

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The Reverend has recently returned from MarsCon, a Minneapolis-area science fiction convention, which gets the whole gang into a sci-fi mood. Josh realizes the sci-fi short story contest he entered back in 2010 is far more prestigious than he’d ever imagined before we get into the nitty gritty of what we think Scientology might be.

Note: We’re not willing to guarantee the accuracy of any of our information about Scientology, even if the Rev DID attend a recruitment event a long time ago.

After the break, we explore the early days of video games, when sci-fi was a part of just about everything and Baen was publishing games instead of books (more on that here). We also talk about real science, debate sub-genres, and take a look at games that don’t typically get labelled as sci-fi even though they absolutely are. Also, Josh tries to convince listeners that Jurassic Park is hard science fiction, and the Rev coins the terms “mild sci-fi” and “sharp sci-fi” because cheddar cheese makes for a good analogy.

We’ve also got another round of the ever-exhilarating Fallout vs. Elder Scrolls debate, so get ready to pick a side and grab a pitchfork. Or a crazy science-fiction version of a pitchfork, whatever that would be.

Oh, and Josh has a run-in with Jason Mewes, and Facebook thinks Mandi is actually Ron Livingston; these stories are true.

Check your thetan levels, folks, because we’re going to take your brains into outer space!

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