Is ToeJam & Earl Getting a True Sequel after 24 Years?

ToeJam and Earl Genesis

Am I dreaming, or have the stars aligned in such a way that a true sequel to the Genesis classic ToeJam & Earl might actually exist?

Recently, Tim Evans (of GeekParty, Retrovolve, and the Tim and Andy Show) talked about the game’s 16-bit sequel, Panic on Funkotron, saying it was one of his biggest gaming letdowns and calling it “a mediocre side-scrolling platformer.” While I don’t necessarily agree with him (I actually enjoyed Panic on Funkotron as a kid), I will admit that changing the format from an isometric, exploration-heavy game to a side-scrolling platformer was a weird design choice that might not have worked in the best interest of the series.

On that very post, a user named Greg Johnson left this comment:

Greg Johnson Comment

He claims to be the designer of all the ToeJam & Earl games, explains that the design direction in Panic on Funkotron wasn’t ever his initial intent and was influenced by Sega, and claims that he is finally working on a true sequel that’s closer to his original vision. This has to be a hoax, right?

This is where I point out that Greg Johnson is indeed the name of one of the creators behind the original ToeJam & Earl, and he more recently founded HumaNature Studios, who you might know as the folks behind Doki-Doki Universe.

I checked the commenter’s email address, and it indeed belongs to HumaNature Studios. The Facebook page he mentioned talks about a new ToeJam & Earl game, and it also contains a link to the HumaNature website.

ToeJam and Earl Facebook Post

All of the evidence is pointing to the Greg Johnson in our comments section actually being THE Greg Johnson of ToeJam & Earl fame. And this means that the true sequel to ToeJam & Earl, the sequel the game has deserved for 24 years now, is almost certainly in development and in the hands of its original creator.

Clearly, it’s an exciting time to be a ToeJam & Earl enthusiast.

I have reached out to Mr. Johnson for more information, and I hope to dig up more details about this project very soon.

UPDATE: I’ve gotten in touch with Greg Johnson, who confirmed he was exactly who he claimed he was, and that TJ&E is his next project (and he also confirmed that he’s an awesome guy!)

Also, I mistakenly said Johnson “works with HumaNature Studios,” when he founded the studio. I didn’t mean to downplay his role, and I’ve fixed the text to make that clearer.

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Strontium Dingo
Strontium Dingo
6 years ago

Great stuff, Josh!

Looking forward to catching up with the TJ&E stuff, reading it all over the next few days. 🙂

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