Retro World Series Features Online Duke Nukem 3D and SoulCalibur Tournaments

Duke Nukem 3D

As the summer heats up, so does the competition. Retro World Series is bringing two more classic game titles to their online tournament this week. Their previous tournament featured Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and NHL ’94. This time, you can duke it out in SoulCalibur and the obscene, absurd, hyper-violent Duke Nukem 3D.

This is all going down on July 25, 2020. SoulCalibur is up first at 2pm Central, followed by Duke Nukem 3D at 6pm Central.

This is Week 5 of a 12-week tournament series where you can compete online for cash prizes or medals. And yes, we verified that these are real, physical medals rather than digital achievements of some kind. We also verified that they look pretty awesome.

Anyone who’s at least 18 years of age and can afford the $10 entry fee is allowed to sign up, and it’s super easy to so do on the Retro World Series website. All of the 2020 Summer League Online events are happening online, which means you can compete from the comfort of your own home. They’ll also be streaming on Twitch, so follow the Retro World Series Twitch channel if you want to spectate any of these events.

Retro World Series - July 25

To compete, you’ll have to download the proper software, but the Retro World Series provides links and instructions that make it all seem very easy.

This whole tournament series is incredible amounts of fun. If you’re looking to dust off those competitive Duke Nukem or SoulCalibur skills, this is great opportunity to do so while safely socially distancing.

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