SPB Episode 71: 2018 Year End Special

While 2018 wasn’t our most active year, we still have plenty of gaming memories to look back on. Sometimes, a newly discovered game reaches into our hearts, and other times we fall in love with old favorites all over again. For Tim, there’s a questionable 80’s movie tie-in that he ruminates on, while Andy finally understands why a particular classic Nintendo franchise is so universally beloved. Come along and join us for our fifth annual end-of-the-year special!

Top Ten Results:
DNQ: Porky’s (Atari 2600)
DNQ: Moonstone (Amiga)
10. Greatest Nine 98 (Saturn)
9. Energy Breaker (SNES)
8. Computer War (TI-99/4A)
7. Cybernator (SNES)
6. Knight’s Lore (Amstrad CPC)
5. Dragon Breed (Arcade)
4. Captain Commando (Arcade)
3. Alien Brigade (Atari 7800)
2. Full Throttle (PC)
1. Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)

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