Star Wars 1313 Could Have Been Awful, but We’ll Never Know

I decided to clean up the house a little bit the other day, and I stumbled upon this:

Star Wars 1313 USB Card

It’s a USB memory card that I was given at E3 2012. See, publishers at E3 tend to give out all sorts of USB memory devices (thumbsticks, cards, little toys shaped like cars, etc.) filled with press images, and this is how those images end up on sites like Retrovolve. This is also how E3 attendees seem to have never-ending supplies of USB memory sticks and thumb drives.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see what was on this Star Wars 1313 memory card.

It wasn’t much, just a logo and a high-res version of the art that’s stamped on the front of the card. However, there was also a press site URL printed on the card, so I thought I’d see if anything still lived there.

Lo and behold, the LucasArts VIP press site still exists, which is super weird considering the company was devoured by Disney a while back. I guess it doesn’t make sense to shut down a site if it’s all paid for.

There were a few screenshots on the site, and I figured I’d share them below in memory of what could have potentially been an incredible Star Wars game.

Wait, could it have been?

Well, we don’t really know. I didn’t go to any of the presentations on Star Wars 1313 personally (which actually makes my acquisition of that card kind of a mystery), but people I talked to afterward gave me the impression that it was a third-person action game that featured bounty hunters. Yeah, that’s enough to get any Star Wars fan salivating, but that description was vague enough that we never got to know what the game actually would have been like.

Sure, it could have been awesome, but it could have also been terrible. Remember how great Aliens: Colonial Marines sounded on paper? And really, Disney decided to completely abandon the trademark, so they couldn’t have had very high hopes for the project in its current state.

Still, the fact that we never actually got to play Star Wars 1313 means it will forever be one of those mysteries of gaming. It will continue to show up on “Top 10 Games that Looked Awesome but Got Cancelled” lists that shitty “game journalism” sites like Cheat Code Central put out all the time, but we’ll never play it.

Perhaps that’s for the best?

Anyway, here are those screenshots I promised:

Star Wars 1313
Star Wars 1313
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