The Tim and Andy Show: “Here Comes The Doomwad”


Tim and Andy are back, and they’re discussing their top ten “game-changers” — games that forever changed the industry and set a new standard for all others that followed. Take a listen to find out which titles they picked, and to hear all the awful jokes that go along with them. Stay classic!

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ArcadeExpo – Pinball World Record
Bill Gates in Doom
Black Hole 
pinball by Gottlieb
Andy’s dad plays DDR

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9 years ago

good stuff. Still in the middle of listening now. When you started talking about how sweet Gran Turismo is I had to chime in. What a fuckin killer game.

Andy Reierson
Andy Reierson
9 years ago
Reply to  Skragz

Absolutely. What a phenomenal freaking game. Glad you enjoyed it!

Daniel Chaves
Daniel Chaves
3 years ago

There was an arcade game called Stompin in 1986 that I would say is what inspired future games like DDR at least for the pad you used to play on as you had the same 9 squares layout and you would stomp on Ants that showed up on the screen in those sectors. So I would say if it wasnt for that advancement DDR would not exist but DDR definitely was the break out hit from that kind of tech.

Last edited 3 years ago by Daniel Chaves
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