This Mother 4 Video Always Makes Me Smile

Mother 4

I don’t know how to feel about Mother 4. Fan-made games have the potential to be fantastic, and in most cases, I’m more than willing to give them a try. After all, games like Psycho Waluigi have brought me hours of entertainment.

But the Mother series is different. It has a surface charm that’s easy to replicate, but the things that truly make it appealing are harder to define. The games are special not because of their wacky sense of humor, but because they use that humor to connect with players in a deep and powerful way.

But watching this video makes me think that Mother 4 might turn out okay.

It’s just a bit of music, but to me, it communicates that the Mother 4 team knows what they’re doing. They won’t combine goofy jokes with a real-world setting and call it a day. They’ll try to create a game that really lives up to the Mother name.

Maybe I’m setting myself up for crushing disappointment. There’s a good chance this game could be terrible, or that it’ll never come out at all. Rationally, I know I shouldn’t let myself get excited.

But when I hear that music, I can’t do anything but smile.

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