This Wind Waker Remix Hits Me Right in the Heart

Wind Waker - Outset Island

Becoming a professional writer has helped deepen my appreciation for video game music. It’s inspiring without being distracting, and keeps me motivated even when writing is the last thing I want to do. I listen to game music on a daily basis, and am always discovering new gems.

The Outset Island theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a great song to listen as you’re waking up and figuring out your daily plans. It’s the perfect introduction to a beautiful morning, and makes you feel like your day is off to a solid start.

But this remix by Minneapolis-based band Hot Freaks has a completely different vibe:

Adding a vocals to an existing track is something that almost never works, but this remix makes the words feel like they were there all along. The lyrics are simple, but in a painfully relatable sort of way. It’s hard not to feel something as the singer wistfully reminisces about holding hands on the beach, or plaintively admits that they’re not okay. The tune has actually made me cry in the shower once or twice, and just listening to it now has me a little misty.

The Outset Island theme makes me happy and hopeful, but this remix hits me straight in the heart. Something about the combination of the sweet melody and melancholic vocals gets under my skin. As it plays, I can’t help but mourn all the adventures I’ve missed out on.

It’s not a song I can listen to while working, but it’s probably my favorite video game remix of all time.

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