Tim and Andy Count Down the Top Ten NES Games


In the newest edition of Sunday, er, Monday Sermons, Tim joins Andy to piece together a list of their top ten favorite games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. There is one game that we can guarantee has never been included on any other similar list. Which one is it? Listen and find out!

10. Werewolf: The Last Warrior
9. Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
8. Monster In My Pocket
7. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
6. Vice: Project Doom
5. Faria: A World of Mystery and Danger
4. Kickle Cubicle
3. Tecmo Super Bowl
2. Maniac Mansion
1. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

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8 years ago

This may be the single worst list of top NES games I have ever seen. It’s like a top 10 list made by a poor kid who only had off brand games.

Punch-Out!! is the shit though. Most of the rest of this list is shit.

Andy Reierson
Andy Reierson
8 years ago
Reply to  SantosLHalper

Did you bother even listening to it? Or did you just look at the list and comment like an asshole? We explain that it’s not necessarily a “best of” list, but rather the games that we personally liked the most or were most memorable to us. Go on any other site if you want the same regurgitated list that every other site on the planet has made for the past twenty years.

The purpose of our content is to introduce people to new stuff. If you want to read about Zelda and Mario over and over, go anywhere else. Fuck us for for trying to be different.

8 years ago
Reply to  SantosLHalper

Your comment amuses the hell out of me, regardless of how stupid it is.

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