Watch the Breath of the Wild Sequel Trailer Reimagined for N64

Breath of the Wild 64

In their 2019 E3 presentation, Nintendo stunned the gaming world with a trailer for a sequel to the massively popular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This sent a shock of speculation and joy through the Zelda-loving community.

But what would this look like if it were released for the N64 instead of the Nintendo Switch? Well, a Legend of Zelda superfan and 3D modeler who goes by the name of The Regressor on YouTube decided to find out.

I’m amazed at the level of detail in this fan-made trailer. For example, instead of just using the trailer’s audio, a downsampled version was created (credited to Vince94) to make this feel more like an actual N64 game.

According to the YouTube description, no assets from actual Zelda games were used; all of the models and animations were made from scratch in Adobe Photoshop and Maya 2009.

And here’s some technical explanation about how some of the N64 effects were created:

The video frames are natively rendered at 240×320 (4:3) resolution at 30 fps, but is intentionally frame posterized (frames dropped) to show at 15-18 fps and enlarged with no anti-aliasing or image softening to 1920×1080 (16:9) for upload. There are always supposed to be black bars on the sides; black bars on the top/bottoms during the “cutscenes”.

This is some seriously impressive work.

For comparison, here’s the official 2019 Breath of the Wild sequel trailer:

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