What’s Up with Aerith’s Creepy Horse Laugh in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Final Fantasy VII - Aerith Horse Laugh

In the beginning of Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s tenth chapter, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith find themselves navigating the sewers after threatening Don Corneo in his Wall Market mansion. In the sewers, they are confronted by a creature called Abzu, who they call “one of Don Corneo’s pets.”

After fighting Abzu (who flees once it’s been wounded), the trio has a serious conversation about almost being eaten alive by the beast. In the middle of this conversation, Aerith does a weird little wiggle and delivers a very horse-like laugh. It’s a strange moment, especially given the context in which it happens.

If you’ve been puzzling over this creepy laugh, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Briana White, the voice actor behind Aerith, has gone on record to clear this up.

In the above video, White explains:

She is imitating Corneo’s laugh… Corneo’s laugh is like a horse whinny, evil-style. And while Corneo’s is supposed to be creepy, and gets inside your ear and down your spine with a chill, Aerith’s is not. She’s imitating him, but she’s not supposed to be very good at it.

That makes a lot of sense, actually.

Final Fantasy VII - Abzu

It’s also interesting to note that, apparently, Corneo’s laugh was toned down a bit for the English version of the game. In the original, he often spouts, “Ho-hee!” though this was localized into several different phrases in the English version (including him shouting “Ladies!” at one point, according to this reddit post). Supposedly, the imitation is a lot more obvious in the Japanese version.

In both versions, Aerith is just not evil-sounding enough to pull off Corneo’s laugh, leading to this awkward (and adorable) moment. So if you’ve been puzzling over Aerith’s strange laugh, this is why it’s there.

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