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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Strike Force Foxx Has No Aspirations to Be Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

If you were a kid who was super into playing war, the early 90s were pretty awesome. There was this whole Desert Storm business going on, and Capitalist America used it as a golden opportunity to sell toy guns and army figures to children. Hell, I remember they released a whole series of collectable cards to commemorate that conflict. (I think I’ve got a few extra General Schwarzkopf cards lying around, if anyone wants to trade something for them.) Anyway, as part of this war profiteering racket, Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf was released for Sega Mega Drive, and I played the absolute crap out of it. To this day, I have a fondness for flying helicopters across an isometric desert and rescuing tiny little pixel people, and that fondness spawned from Desert Strike. So when Strike Force Foxx was released for Nintendo 3DS, I noticed three things: It has the word Strike in the title.…
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