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Devil Dice

Whatever Happened to Devil Dice for PlayStation?

In the original PlayStation era, the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine used to include a demo disc with every single issue of their magazine (allegedly, they were the first ever magazine to do so.) The 13th iteration of this grand tradition was a feast to behold; not only did it include playable demo versions of Metal Gear Solid and Cool Boarders 3 (both of which I sank dozens of hours into), it also included a demo for a quaint little puzzle game called Devil Dice. In Devil Dice, you played as a little devil character (who kind of resembled a kid in footie pajamas or, God forbid, one of the Teletubbies) who gleefully rode atop a series of dice. As the devil skipped along a grid that sort of resembled a checker board, he (or she, I suppose; the gender seemed rather ambiguous) would flip whichever die he/she was standing on.…
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