SPB Episode 72: Retro Gaming on Nintendo Switch

Over the last two years, the Nintendo Switch has slowly become the go-to source for retro gaming on modern console hardware. Gone are the days of waiting patiently for Virtual Console updates that rarely came. In its place is a steady stream of arcade gems, an on-demand NES library, and plenty of retro gaming anthologies and compilations.

That’s right, we’re leaving the comfy confines of our decades-old legacy hardware to play some vintage games on modern technology!

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Daniel Chaves
Daniel Chaves
3 years ago

Hey Andy, new listener, I listened to your most recent episode with the new host after hearing you on Emulate This Podcast, Im now going back to the beginning of your podcast on Stitcher so I have a lot to listen to lol. I was wondering you mentioned about losing out on an original NBA Jam arcade machine and I know its not the same as the original thing but have you looked at the Arcade1up version that you can buy now?

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