The Sonic & Knuckles Japanese Box Art Has Some Incredible Flavor Text

Sonic & Knuckles Japanese Box Art

I always thought that the lock-on version of Sonic & Knuckles was exclusive to the United States. Well, I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong about this. Japan got a Sonic & Knuckles cartridge that featured Lock-On Technology (TM) as well. (I wrote an entire article about Sega’s fixation on lockables, so check that out.)

Apparently, the Japanese version and the North American version came out on the same day, October 18, 1994.

I can’t believe I never knew about this because the box art is fantastic. While I do prefer the black background of the North American box art, the white background is pretty dang sleek (and the white background looks better with the blue design elements of the Japanese box, while the black background looks better with the red design elements that Sega was using on North American Genesis box art at the time).

However, the thing I love the most about this is the flavor text.

Sonic & Knuckles Japanese Box Art

In case it’s hard to read in the image, let me transcribe it in full:

Sonic races through the green fields.

The sun races through a sky filled with white clouds.

The ways of his heart are much like the sun. Sonic runs and rests, the sun rises and sets.

Don’t give up on the sun. Don’t make the sun laugh at you.

That’s absolutely incredible.

So, while it always pains me to realize I had been wrong about something (especially when I have to issue a correction to an article), this discovery brings me indescribable amounts of joy.

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