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LSD for PlayStation Might Be the Weirdest Game Ever Made

I came across a YouTube video of LSD‘s gameplay, and knew this was a game I absolutely had to play. I quickly discovered that there has never, and probably will never again, be a more truly bizarre release like this for a major home console. How this even got green-lit for development is beyond me. I am so very glad that it did, however. LSD (purportedly not named after the drug of the same name, but I’m skeptical) defies any sort of genre classification or gaming archetype. It’s a game completely unique in its concept and execution, and one that I think you all owe the weird part of your brain the privilege of experiencing. I have always had an appreciation for the more abstract and esoteric forms of art and entertainment.…
linda cube again

Linda Cube Again Is My Favorite Game I’ve Never Played

If someone stuck Pokémon, Dragon Quest, and 90s psychological anime in a blender, they might wind up with Linda Cube Again. It takes an already bizarre concept — saving animals from the end of the world by placing them on an ark-like spaceship — and dials it up to 11, throwing giant arm transplants and evil twins who dress like Santa Claus into the mix. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a video game. I’ve tried to play Linda Cube Again on several occasions, and I’ve had to give up every time. The game’s entirely in Japanese, and is extremely text-heavy. I understand a little of the language, but nowhere near what I’d need to tackle something like this. Image Source: ObscureVideoGames Even though I have no shortage of games to play, I’ve never been able to get Linda Cube Again out of my head.…
Resident Evil

D.C. Douglas and Jonathan Klein Explain Why Resident Evil 1’s Voice Acting Was Awful

“Master of unlocking.” “Jill sandwich.” If you played video games in the 90s, you’re probably intimately familiar with these phrases, which both come from the original Resident Evil game. They’re possibly two of the most oft-quoted examples of bad voice acting from the early PlayStation era. The obvious question has always been, “How on Earth did this end up being so damn bad?” At least, it has been for those of us who don’t have careers in video game voice acting. At AniMinneapolis 2014, I sat in on a panel called “Behind the Voices of Capcom Games,” hosted by David Vincent (the voice of T. Hawk in Super Street Fighter IV), Jonathan Klein (English-language producer on Street Fighter IV), Caitlin Glass (the voice of Cammy in Street Fighter IV), and D.C.…
Intelligent Cube

Intelligent Cube: Awesome Squared

You hear a lot of praise for Tetris, and for good reason — it is, after all, the quintessential puzzle game. But I’d like to shed some light on another, lesser-known yet singularly awesome puzzle game: Intelligent Cube. Created by Tokyo University professor Masahiko Sato and released for the original PlayStation way back in 1997, this was a true classic. I originally encountered the game on a demo disc and immediately fell in love. It was like nothing I had played up to that point, offering a satisfying challenge that required some real ingenuity and on-the-spot thinking. Basically, you’re some poor schmo running around on a grid for reasons unknown, trying to destroy rows of cubes that roll toward you and drive you ever closer to the edge of the board until you finally plummet to your death. Once you get the swing of thing, it becomes incredibly addictive to try and beat the predetermined number of moves for each wave while trying to keep the grid intact, all to ensure the highest score possible: your I.Q.…
Wild Arms Rudy's Gun

Wild Arms Alter Code: F Is the Quintessential JRPG

Wild Arms Alter Code: F  is a remake of the original Wild Arms, which came out on the PlayStation in 1997. The original game is notable not only for being one of the first console RPGs released on the PlayStation, but also being a fucking bizarre Western Sci-fi Fantasy genre game. Wild Arms was the first game I got with my PSOne, and Alter Code: F for the PS2 is the first game I played to 100% completion. Like many of my PS2 games, it had been long enough since I’d played it that I’d forgotten many of the details, so I decided to replay it. Even after all these years, the story, the characters, and the gameplay still felt familiar.…
MTV Music Generator

Generating to the Beat of a Different Genre; Whatever Happened to MTV Music Generator?

I want my MTV… my MTV Music Generator 4. Or any new music generator game, for that matter. Now, I realize that this is probably the epitome of niche gaming. Somewhere along the lines of tractor simulators and Japanese beef noodle restaurant games. But gosh darn it, I can’t be the only one out there looking to get my digital beat-making freak on. After all, there were three entries in the MTV Music Generator series alone, the first of which was released to rave reviews, including a 9/10 from IGN. And that’s not counting the numerous other variations spanning a good deal of the consoles that have come out over the last decade and a half or so. The PSOne, PS2, PSP and DS all had their own music generators.…

Valkyrie Profile: Confusing or Awesome?

Valkyrie Profile is a JRPG created by Enix and Tri-Ace (before the Square/Enix merger), focusing on the Valkyrie Lenneth. As per usual, Japanese game developers play fast and loose with western mythology here, so you history buffs should probably be thankful that they put Odin in charge and comprehend that Valkyries take the souls of dead warriors and leave it at that. The plot? Well, it’s complicated. The basic plot involves the awakening of the Valkyrie Lenneth, who is then tasked by Odin and Freya to retrieve warriors for the upcoming Ragnarok. Even though it’s the end of the world, you’re still expected to train up the warriors you grab. This is the main focus of the game, investing  skill points in your warriors  to raise up their hero level, and thus make them the kind of warrior Valhalla demands of you.…
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