Video Game Box Art Documentary Lands on Kickstarter

Box Art Documentary

We’ve compiled a fairly robust history of Mega Man box art, and we’ve dived into some of the stories behind Atari’s box art philosophy; clearly, we’re very much into video game box art here at Retrovolve.

On April 19, 2016, a Kickstarter project appeared that’s very exciting to box art addicts. Box Art – A Gaming Documentary is a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Robert McCallum that explores the history behind those images on your game cases. (Is that Color a Dinosaur we see in the image above? Why yes, yes it is!)

The Kickstarter page promises answers to such questions as:

  • But who created those images?
  • Why was it on a box?
  • Why did some games have different covers in different parts of the world?
  • What lead to the change between covers that were painted on canvas and covers that were designed in a computer?

If funded, there will be two versions of the film: A 90-minute version and a special edition version exclusive to Kickstarter backers. The expected launch date is December of 2018 (it takes quite some time to make a documentary of this caliber, after all).

This looks like a must-watch for retro game enthusiasts, especially those of us who spend gobs of time admiring the box art of the games we love.

Heres a link: Run out and back this sucker on Kickstarter.

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