Yarntown, the 16-bit Demake of Bloodborne, Is Really Something

I’ve made no secret of my love for pixel art. If I discover a new game with a pixelated visual style, I’m immediately interested. And if that pixelated game is a demake of the phenomenal Bloodborne, then I’m completely sold.

Yarntown is exactly that. Clearly, the game’s title is a play on Yarnham, the city in which Bloodborne is set. It doesn’t cover the full game, but Yarntown players will see familiar sights in the old city, and they’ll encounter the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne as well. (Is it just me, or do these boss fights seem a tad easier than they did in Bloodborne proper?)

You’ll probably want to download this one now, before a cease and desist order knocks it out (which is definitely not outside the realm of possibility now that the game is getting a ton of attention).

If you don’t want to put your 16-bit skills to the test but still want to see what Yarntown is all about, you can watch almost 30 minutes of gloriously pixelated gameplay below.

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